Design Process

Design Process



Da Vinci. Michelangelo. Rembrandt. All had inmeasurable talent and artistry. All shared an ability to make the complex seem simple and elegant. And all desired to break new ground creatively. At Norman Eckinger Inc. our works of art can be found throughout Stark County and beyond. Just take a look at some of our past projects.

The key to success can be found in Norman Eckinger Inc.’s Design-Build philosophy. The Design-Build process utilizes a set of industry guidelines and procedures to provide you, the client, with the greatest amount of control. This translates into your custom-designed structure being built on budget and in less time. Whether your plans are to construct retail space, commercial offices or an industrial building our staff of construction professionals will develop a complete set of solutions to meet your needs.

Over the past thirty years we’ve established a great working relationship with top local architects, designers and engineers. This team approach ensures that you get unequaled quality and unmatched experience when it comes to planning, designing and building your commercial or industrial building.

View our case study on the Design-Build process.
(Gulling Training Center at Mount Union College – Alliance, Ohio)