Green Buildings

Green Buildings

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Green Buildings – LEED® Certified Construction

Thinking about building green? With an understanding of the LEED® credit categories Norman Eckinger Inc. can help you maximize your return on investment. We’ll show you ideas that meet accreditation standards and also work with your project’s budget.


Obtaining Green Building Credits (USGBC)

You may be surprised how simple some LEED® credits are to obtain with little effort or cost.

For example, did you know that a LEED® credit can be attained for something as simple as purchasing 10% of your materials within a 500 mile radius? Your biggest advantage when trying to comply with LEED® standards is to work with a building professional that understands the USGBC’s accreditation process and Green Building guidelines. When you work with Norman Eckinger Inc. that’s exactly what you’re doing.

Whether your goal is to construct a LEED® certified project or just to do your part to build an environmentally friendly planet Norman Eckinger Inc. can help you maximize your “triple bottom line”…People, Planet, Profit.

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