Industrial, Manufacturing Plant & Agriculture Construction

Industrial, Manufacturing Plant & Agriculture Construction

It takes a certain amount of expertise and skill to tackle industrial projects from start to finish. For over forty years Norman Eckinger, Inc. has been helping manufacturing and industrial companies modernize their local operations to stay competitive in the global economy.

We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured Canton, Ohio based commercial construction company with a focus on safety, staying within your strict budget parameters, and meeting your building design needs.

Butler Buildings

We have teamed up with Butler Buildings to provide our clients with not only the best structures but also an unbelievable number of choices in regards to configuration, appearance and functionality. Thanks to the various systems available through Butler Buildings, a vast array of different structures can be configured. The Butler systems are broken down into three different categories, including roofs (like the Butler Rid II, CMR-24 and Skyweb II options, among others), walls (for example, the TextureWall paneling, Butler Thermawall and Shadowall options), and structures (including the Hardwall, Small Space and Landmark 2000 options.) All of these add up to an almost infinite amount of possibilities, including the agricultural, industrial or manufacturing building that your business needs.

Our Design-Build Process

Every building process starts out with two things: a budget and a vision. From there, a timeline, overall plan and schedule are formed. Our clients determine what they want and we help them figure out how to achieve it. Sometimes a new, smaller addition or outbuilding is needed, while other projects require renovating or remodeling an existing structure. Based on the scope of the project, our experienced team puts together a plan that best suits your needs. Once the plan is in place, we handle the details, including site management, zoning issues, permits and physical construction while you watch your vision come to life.

Types of Industrial, Manufacturing & Agricultural Structures

Norman Eckinger handles both industrial and agricultural construction and renovation projects. These include work on distribution centers, manufacturing plants, storage buildings, and oil and gas facilities and their accompanying support structures, as well as agricultural buildings such as riding arenas and barns.

To learn how a Butler Building can increase your company’s competitiveness call Norm Eckinger at 330-452-6500 or fill out our contact form.