At Norman Eckinger Inc. we're focused on offering the best solutions for our clients. This explains why we've teamed up with Butler Buildings. Butler is the world’s leading producer of architectural products and pre-engineered metal building systems, combine this with our design-build processes and you get a beautiful structure that is constructed in the most streamlined and efficient way possible.

A Butler Building Gives You Total Control Over Look and Functionality

With a Butler Building you have an unbelievable number of choices in regards to structural, roofing and wall systems. We offer a wide variety of external options as well, including glass, stucco and brick. This gives you, the owner, the ultimate control over appearance, design and cost. It goes without saying, that our clients are truly amazed at the many choices and options they have with a Butler Building provides.

Time is Money. You'll Save Both with a Butler Building.

On top of this, utilizing Butler’s systems allows us to speed up the construction process by eliminating extra steps and shortening timelines. In fact, studies have shown that construction time is shortened by 30%, simply by taking advantage of the Butler Building process. The time savings not only reduces construction costs but allows your organization to get up and running faster taking full advantage of the new efficiencies that your new facility provides.

Butler Building Advantages

There are a number of advantages to choosing a Butler Building System, including:

It is important to be environmentally friendly, and building with Butler is the first step in building credit toward LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

If you need a large area of open space to work within, you cannot go wrong with Butler’s Clearspan and longbay structural systems.

The rigid frame design of Butler components mean that they work with virtually every building, no matter the shape and size.

Local, Proven & Experienced

The emphasis these days is on working with local companies in order to increase communication and construction time. By working with Norman Eckinger, you can rest assured that you have chosen a commercial contractor that has a stellar reputation in Stark County and Northeastern Ohio for over forty years.

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